Ch4 Pg71



Lady_Nilstria: ^__^ *is feeling blissfully content with the world*

toasterpip: Haha, this is probably the best scene closer I have ever seen.

Soor: Epic :D

Invictus: I love how he flies away screaming. lol

Shae: Dude, I love those guys in the last panels xD That's probably exactly what I'd say in the situation. :D

Hannah ^__^: Ahahaha!! The captain's face in the second panel, roflol XD

Xazz: I have a bunch of fave pages, but THIS one so takes the number 1 slot! The faces (especially the Captain's) and that line is so classic and so funny XD I laughed strait out loud :)

Wazaga: best closer to a scene ever! looks like the captain got his arm hurt though.

Stickman: As he screams his... victory cry... and fades into the night.

shadowofnights: OOH! I laughed so hard, I think I peed a litte. XD
That first panel is too funny!


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